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LAST UPDATED: 28th September 2023

Balance Units Chart 9

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***Displaying recently sold units only***

16/08/2023: #18-10 – 2 Bedroom + Study Sold!

15/08/2023: #21-07 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

14/08/2023: #20-08 – 2 Bedroom + Study Sold!

09/08/2023: #22-08 – 2 Bedroom + Study Sold!

08/08/2023: #17-10 – 2 Bedroom + Study Sold!

07/08/2023: #21-08 – 2 Bedroom + Study Sold!

07/08/2023: #30-05 – 1 Bedroom Sold!

05/08/2023: #11-12 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

01/08/2023: #22-07 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

31/07/2023: #09-12 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

30/07/2023: #08-12 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

15/07/2023: #19-01 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

13/07/2023: #17-01 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

09/07/2023: #16-01 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

09/07/2023: #18-01 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

28/06/2023: #06-12 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

24/06/2023: #17-09 – 2 Bedroom + Study Sold!

11/06/2023: #15-11 – 2 Bedroom + Study Sold!

09/06/2023: #19-06 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

05/06/2023: #18-07 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

30/05/2023: #25-11 – 2 Bedroom + Study Sold!

15/05/2023: #18-09 – 2 Bedroom + Study Sold!

06/05/2023: #19-02 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

28/04/2023: #17-06 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

27/04/2023: #10-12 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

21/04/2023: #17-08 – 2 Bedroom + Study Sold!

05/04/2023: #14-10 – 2 Bedroom + Study Sold!

04/04/2023: #27-04 – 1 Bedroom Sold!

04/04/2023: #15-08 – 2 Bedroom + Study Sold!

02/04/2023: #16-09 – 2 Bedroom + Study Sold!

28/03/2023: #16-07 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

26/03/2023: #15-07 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

24/03/2023: #13-08 – 2 Bedroom + Study Sold!

24/03/2023: #12-08 – 2 Bedroom + Study Sold!

20/03/2023: #16-11 – 2 Bedroom + Study Sold!

11/03/2023: #17-07 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

09/03/2023: #14-08 – 2 Bedroom + Study Sold!

07/03/2023: #13-10 – 2 Bedroom + Study Sold!

28/02/2023: #18-11 – 2 Bedroom + Study Sold!

28/02/2023: #18-06 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

27/02/2023: #22-02 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

27/02/2023: #17-06 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

27/02/2023: #12-10 – 2 Bedroom + Study Sold!

26/02/2023: #07-08 – 2 Bedroom + Study Sold!

26/02/2023: #15-09 – 2 Bedroom + Study Sold!

26/02/2023: #14-09 – 2 Bedroom + Study Sold!

26/02/2023: #18-08 – 2 Bedroom + Study Sold!

23/02/2023: #13-11 – 2 Bedroom + Study Sold!

20/02/2023: #09-08 – 2 Bedroom + Study Sold!

19/02/2023: #14-11 – 2 Bedroom + Study Sold!

14/02/2023: #15-01 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

14/02/2023: #16-08 – 2 Bedroom + Study Sold!

13/02/2023: #12-10 – 2 Bedroom + Study Sold!

13/02/2023: #13-09 – 2 Bedroom + Study Sold!

09/02/2023: #10-10 – 2 Bedroom + Study Sold!

06/02/2023: #29-03 – 1 Bedroom Sold!

16/01/2023: #28-03 – 1 Bedroom Sold!

13/01/2023: #05-12 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

09/01/2023: #12-09 – 2 Bedroom + Study Sold!

***Displaying recently sold units only***

One Bernam this iconic development embodies the merging of culture and modernity in the progressive city of Singapore. Located in the heart of CBD, it includes the historic district of Chinatown, the financial hub of the CBD, and Marina Bay Financial Centre, an integrated community offering living, working, and leisure opportunities.

Located at the southernmost tip of this district is Tanjong Pagar, where One Bernam sits. Featuring a unique combination of commercial vitality and centuries of cultural heritage, Tanjong Pagar is an exciting place to be. As part of Singapore’s rejuvenation masterplan, One Bernam is poised to play an vital role in the area’s revitalization. It is set to contribute towards the expansion of the greater southern waterfront and brings more iconic presence to the inner city.

One Bernam offers an enviable city address that welcomes tradition while embracing tomorrow’s limitless opportunities for growth.

One Bernam at Tanjong Pagar offers a charming blend of old and new, located in the heart of Singapore’s finest cultural and historical offerings. As the first enclave in Singapore to be placed under the government’s conservation plan, Tanjong Pagar boasts preserved and restored shophouses that are testaments to the site’s vibrant past, which stand as architectural witnesses to the site’s vibrancy, first as a fishing village and now a thriving business and commercial centre.

For culture and history buffs, attractions such as the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple & Museum, the National Gallery Singapore, and the Singapore Art Museum are just minutes away by car. For leisure and entertainment, Victoria Theatre & Concert Hall and ArtScience Museum provide immersive experiences.

Education is also well-catered to in the area, with institutions such as Cantonment Primary School, Singapore Management University, National Academy of Fine Arts and LASALLE College of the Arts (McNally Campus) easily accessible. With the future Greater Southern Waterfront development spanning 2,000 hectares, One Bernam is situated in a prime location to see more seamless integration with existing eco-corridors, such as the Southern Ridges and Kent Ridge Park, as well as connect with Sentosa and Pulau Brani, two islands with enhanced and new waterfront parks and leisure attractions.

One Bernam gives outstanding accessibility and convenience for both work and leisure. The development is situated within close proximity of several major expressways, including the AYE, CTE, MCE, and West Coast Highway. Additionally, the development can be easily accessed on foot of multiple MRT stations on different train lines, including the future Maxwell MRT and Prince Edward Road MRT stations.

For urban professionals, One Bernam provides immediate entry to the Central Business District and the Downtown Core, as well as other parts of Singapore. The development is also located near several key office and commercial districts, including Raffles Place, Suntec City, the Collyer Quay area, and Outram Park in Chinatown.

Healthcare facilities are also conveniently reached from One Bernam, with Singapore General Hospital Medical Campus just a quick car ride away. With its strategic location and superior connectivity, One Bernam offers an ideal option for those looking for the right work-life balance.

One Bernam’s location is described as strategic for easy connectivity to various parts of Singapore. With several major expressways within easy reach, such as the Ayer Rajah Expressway, Central Expressway, Marina Coastal Expressway, and West Coast Highway, residents can experience hassle-free travel.

For those who prefer public transport, One Bernam is within walking distance of three different MRT stations along different train lines, including the future Maxwell MRT and Prince Edward Road MRT stations. Such accessibility makes it easy for residents to travel to work or any other destination in Singapore.

With several key office and commercial districts located in close proximity, One Bernam is an attractive location for business professionals. Apart from the CBD and the Downtown Core, other districts include Raffles Place, Suntec City Convention & Exhibition Centre, Collyer Quay, and Outram Park in Chinatown. This makes One Bernam a great place to live for those who work in these areas.

Medical care is also easily accessible from One Bernam, with Singapore General Hospital Medical Campus just a short drive away. This proximity ensures that residents can access quality healthcare services with ease.

For those who love shopping and dining, One Bernam is surrounded by many malls, restaurants, cafes, and food courts. Some of the options available include Great World City, Marina Bay Sands, Millenia Walk, VivoCity, ION Orchard, and Plaza Singapura. Such variety ensures that residents have plenty of options for entertainment and leisure activities.

One Bernam this luxurious development is a city home that offers a distinctive and unparalleled lifestyle experience. The development features two gardens on the Level 4 Sky Terrace that are linked by a hanging Garden Bridge, creating an oasis for regular escapes. The level also includes several sanctuaries for relaxation, exercise, and meditation, such as the Yoga, Chill Out, and Leisure Decks, as well as the Garden Walk.

For those with a penchant for aquatic activities, there is a Swimming Pool, Spa Pool, and various other water features to indulge in. The property also offers a Garden Dining Pavilion, Gourmet Function Room, and a Club House, with a view of the pool scenes and includes a Viewing Deck, Lounge Deck, and two stunning Pool Pavilions. The Botanic Collection is another highlight of the development, which includes a variety of gardens, water features, and greenery that can be explored and enjoyed by residents.

One Bernam furthermore boasts a Level 34 Sky Terrace, which is a unique and stunning retreat within four retreats. This terrace offers matchless views of the city and features various relaxation and entertainment spaces, including the Tatami Garden, Sky Hammock Garden, Sky Lounge, Roof Terrace, and Sky Fitness Club.

Located only a short stroll from the Tanjong Pagar MRT station, One Bernam is a natural continuation of the street scenes and offers a never-to-be-repeated lifestyle opportunity. The property includes two levels of retail choices with various popular F&B and lifestyle shops, as well as newly landscaped spaces for residents to indulge in.

The residences at One Bernam can be described as opulent, with a strong emphasis on luxurious urban living. The living spaces are a modern urban luxury living idyll that exudes eternal sophistication, practicality, and everlasting good taste. One Bernam offers a variety of living arrangements, including one- and two-bedroom premium apartments, generously sized three-bedroom residences, and high-level penthouses, all carefully designed with the essence of life in a first-rate city in mind.

The attention to detail is evident in every aspect of the apartments, from the selection of hardware and accessories to the high-quality materials used throughout. For instance, living room ceiling fans are only sourced from the award-winning American brand Haiku, the leading American brand that has won over 75 international awards for its outstanding design and technology.

The kitchen and dining areas are complete with durable, high-quality wall and flooring materials, as well as deluxe fittings from the multi-awarded Italian brand Gessi. The renowned Swiss brands V-ZUG and Franke provide kitchen appliances, such as hoods and hobs, that deliver exquisite craftsmanship mastered over 100 years.

Every bedroom, whether it’s a master, junior, or standard, exudes an enduring feeling of calm and belonging, with a high placed on well-balanced spaces, serenity, and privacy.

The One Bernam also brings the future of smart living to its residents with various smart features. The Smart Gateway enables for effortless control of all smart devices with just one wireless hub, and push notifications can notify residents to any irregularities sensed by the devices. The Smart Doorbell allows residents to see, hear, and speak with visitors at the exterior their door from any place in the home. Top floor residents can experience the Magic Mirror, a smart digital mirror that displays real-time updates on traffic, weather, and daily schedules. The Digital Lock allows for keyless entry without compromising home security, while the Smart Air-Con Control turns smartphones into remote control devices for air-conditioning units in the living and dining rooms, as well as the Type E1 Family unit.

One Bernam is a coveted residential development which provides only three hundred and fifty-one luxury homes within an ambitious master plan.

Prospective homeowners can select two exclusive collections: the Prestige Collection and the Palazzo Collection.

The Prestige Collection features one, two, and two-bedroom + study sanctuaries that boast wide balconies and open sightlines that enable natural lighting. The units have been designed with a refined sense of elegance, from the sleek sound of an opening door to the silent swish of feet on the floors.

On the other hand, the Grand Collection features wide three-bedroom residences and three penthouses that offer panoramic views of the city. The luxurious units are fitted with high-end appliances and lush materials, which reflect the imaginative, progressive, sophisticated, glamorous, and well-informed insights of its residents.

One Bernam has turned this vision into a limited edition collection of homes that showcase the highest pedigree of luxury living.

One Bernam is a brand new addition to the heart of Singapore’s Central Business District (CBD). It boasts a grand 35-floor tower that will surely attract your eye.

Created through a partnership between two renowned developers – HY Realty and MCC Land, two powerhouses in the industry, One Bernam Condo represents the epitome of luxury living in the heart of the city. Situated conveniently in the heart of the bustling district, it offers homeowners with easy access to several parts of the island.

One Bernam boasts a wide range of living units that caters to different lifestyles and preferences. From small 1 bedroom units measuring 441 square feet to lavish five-bedroom luxury penthouses measuring 4,306 sqft, The development provides an option for everyone.

When you’re looking for a luxurious and lifestyle, The development is the ideal option. Featuring high-end facilities spread across two levels – the fourth level and the thirty-fourth level, you can indulge in a range of leisure options right within the development.

Regarding proximity, This luxurious condo complex is unbeatable. Situated in Singapore’s bustling district, it offers homeowners with easy access to workplaces and a range of transport options. Whether you prefer to drive or take public transportation, One Bernam has you covered.

The One Bernam development offers an attractive value proposition with high-quality fixtures and finishing. Purchasers can expect high-quality features due to the knowledge and skills of the developers.

The One Bernam Condominium offers a distinctive opportunity for both homeowners and property investors. Its excellent location at the center of the city offers access to a diverse array of entertainment, dining, and shopping options, making it a highly desirable option for discerning residents and renters who work nearby.

Moreover, with the upcoming development of the Greater Southern Waterfront, the area is expected to receive additional infrastructure and public programs, potentially leading to an appreciation in property values. This, One Bernam offers an excellent chance for investors seeking a property that has the prospect to increase in value over time.

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✅ Location: Within the vibrancy & heartbeat of the CBD
✅ Capital Potential: Benefit from GSW MasterPlan transformation
✅ Amenities: Minutes walk to Malls / Food Center and Offices

One Bernam - A home located in the Central Business District that offers spacious living and bedroom sizes, but has a relatively low psf.

This could be an attractive option for those who value both location and space.

One Bernam is a mixed development that offers a range of amenities in one location. Residents of mixed developments can enjoy easy access to shopping, dining, and other services without needing to travel far.

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